Friday, March 11, 2016

Fair Price Grocery Shopping

$100 grocery run from NTUC FairPrice:

Lee Kum Kee XO Seafood Sauce $15.90
Smoked Duck Breast $6.20
Roast Pork Belly 125gm $4.86
Woh Hup Abalone Sauce (2 bottles) $7.90
Rice Bran Oil 2L $7.85
Lotte Ice-cream Mochi 2s (2 packets) $5.80
UFC Canned Fruits (5 cans) $12.50
Marigold Lemon Barley 24s (carton) $7.20
Kleenex Scented Aloe Vera Toilet Paper 20s $14.45
Kleenex Winnie the Pooh Packet Tissue Papers (2 bulk packets) $6.50
Colgate 360 Clean Toothbrush (3 pieces) $23.55

Total $112.71, after discounts it comes under $100.

The biggest offer was on these Colgate toothbrushes, normally $8.90 each are now 3 for $10.90.

Something ready to eat from the BBQ section, I usually get pork ribs but this time I bought roasted pork belly and duck breast.

Cooking oil made from rice bran that I haven't tried before. Given we are such big rice eaters you would think this is a pantry staple.

Kleenex tissues, flat tissue packets fit nicely into my bag (as opposed to those tightly compacted version), only Winnie the Pooh cartoon available so I got 2 packs of 4x8.

Best Find are these scented Kleenex ultra soft aloe vera toilet rolls. When I walked into my bathroom I was wondering who added air fresheners there and its just these scented toilet papers. 

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