Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The History of Whoo

Premium Korean beauty brand The History of Whoo is now available in Singapore, with a counter at Tangs Orchard and online webshop. Created by LG based on ancient imperial skincare, the prices are on par with other premium skincare brands (e.g. $125 for lotion). I am really in love with the oriental packaging that won't look out of place on a traditional rosewood dresser.

                             Gongjinhyang Soo: For Hydration and Moisture
                             Gongjinhyang Seol: For Whitening
                             Gongjinhyang Kun: For Men
                             Gongjinhyang Mi: Makeup items

                                                         Hwanyu: Anti-Aging
                                                         Cheongidan: Brightening
                                                         Jinyulhyang: Hydrating

 The In Yang Balancer (toner) and Lotion (face cream) have a pleasant sweet perfume, however, the Night Cream gets really herbal.

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