Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wilton Colour Flame Candles

This is what I bought for my birthday this year, Wilton's coloured flame candles, pack of 12 costs $9.90. 

On route I passed by Precious Moments and got these Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. I was looking at Hello Kitty hp cases before and its all for Iphones, nothing for mine. So glad to find more cases that fit my phone. 

BTW loving Precious Moments 2015 members special figurines, 3 larger sized figurines that spell out JOY! Soo would get this if I had the excess cash to spare ($75 +$199).

Daddy bought me my first guitar this year! A Suzuki Concert Guitar with a custom body, that's oh so flashy. I was expecting another Suzuki guitar, one with a cross-stitch border. I've never played a string instrument before so this is going to take some time.

My brother gave me this Brother x Courts Limited Edition Sewing Machine! It's a collaborative effort to celebrate Courts 40th anniversary and packed with all the coveted accessories (extension table, 6 footers, darning plate, buttonhole plate, auto threader and inbuilt thread cutter). With 37 stitch options, it's an upgrade from my previous sewing machine. Can't wait to finish up all my sewing projects on this. Highly requested and highly required.

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