Friday, November 27, 2015

3 Short Party Dresses

Dress 1 is a corsage toga dress in green cotton using a metallic trim.

The trim is soo subtle you hardly notice it's there, I am soo glad I added it. The floral appliques had to be made and sewn by hand, really tedious work. The lower back strap is way too long and had to be adjusted to fit nicely.

Dress 2 is a ribbon lapel dress in black & pink polka dots.

The ribbons on the side strap had to be unpicked and re-sewn several times to get it right. I would double the length of ribbon next time.

This velvety material cannot be ironed and is strictly wash n' wear.

Dress 3 is a ruffle dress in this grey material that is reminiscent of my brother's home wallpaper. I had to take care in cutting the fabric so the lines are vertical.

The ruffle in front is laterally inverted, the paper pattern cuts it out to be on the left instead of the right. 

This is comfortable to wear even when you have a little tummy in front as the front ruching is expandable.

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