Friday, November 6, 2015

3 Plus Size Dresses

Another set of plus size clothes, this time its a wrap dress. After I made the first wrap dress in gold, I decided to simplify and just make a v-neck bodice instead for the 2 remaining dresses.

It's a short dress with fluttery sleeves. Cotton lining so this is wearable in our weather.

The second dress is made from hot pink batik (special request from the wedding party).

I got this from Arab Street and they only make 1 roll of each design, mostly in yellow. Not sure why there is soo much yellow and brown batik around.

It looks like 2 dresses but is really only 1 dress, one side is the front and the other side is the lining. This way there are no visible seams and the dress is entirely reversible.

I like the red zigzag to show on the sleeves.

The third dress is made from black satin and black coral sequins (also for the wedding party) that can hopefully be worn on more than 1 occasion. All the aunties love the coral sequins that would also make a very sexy Venom outfit for Comic Con.

Instead of a wrap front, I sewed the bodice together.

The final dress that is really heavy, at least its completely covered up.

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