Friday, July 10, 2015

Simplicity Tulle Skirt - A & C

Pattern A is a classic short tulle skirt and Pattern C is the full-length version. I know there are easier ways to sew a tulle skirt but I have to try doing it the proper way first. My skirt length won't be the same as the pattern, because I am using beaded tulle with an embroidered hem, so the length is already determined. Beaded material is seriously not easy to sew and I had to get special needles for my sewing machine, never seen that many sewing needles break in 1 session before.

The pattern calls for 8 to 15 yards of tulle. I used considerably less as this material is stiffer than the regular soft tulle. The underlay is between 2 to 4.5 yards of material and I will be using silver and pink to make 2 separate skirts and see the difference inner lining makes.

I now have 2 fabric cutting shears, 1 for regular fabric and 1 for beads/sequins fabric. The beads/sequins make my cutting shears blunt so this is a pair I regularly sharpen. Label it so you don't mix up the 2. I can't even begin to tell you how many pairs of scissors I have just for sewing (not including other crafts). I have a soft grip craft scissors for cutting paper patterns, embroidery scissors for cutting thread from the machine and 2 fabric cutting shears.

I like how the beautifully embroidered edgings showed up nicely on the skirt.

Gonna sew a matching pink cotton top to wear with this.

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