Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No Sew Hemming Tape

I saw the IKEA ad selling house brand no sew tape for curtains. You use it to iron on the heading tape to the curtain fabric, then use it again to hem up the bottom of the fabric. The concept is not new and carried in most craft stores. I have used it before and even machine washed it, so I know its works.

Several things you need to know about this product before creating your first no sew dress:
  • Hemming tape costs 10X more than thread.
  • It also makes the fabric stiff, so you lose the tactile fluidity of your garment at that point, choose to use it strategically so this effect appears intentional to the design. 
  • After several washes, the fabric might come undone, no need to use more hemming tape, just iron it again to stick it back on.

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