Friday, July 17, 2015

Simplicity - Tulle Skirt B

Tulle skirt B requires additional sewing to make it more fluffy and takes up a whopping 36 metres of tulle. I am adapting this design to make a tiered ruffle skirt that is longer using the same amount of material so it won't be as pouffy. Petite size girls can actually pull this up to wear as a dress, cinch the waist with a belt.

I sort the fabric I buy into bundles with the paper pattern I am using. After cutting, I tie it up into plastic bag bundles like this. So each sewing project is a different plastic bag. If you ever wonder why people's homes are filled with plastic bag bundles like this, its because they are doing the same.

Yellow Tulle with gold flecks @ $8/metre : $120
Elastic band : $9
Yellow thread : $5
Total = $134

This is why you don't see many of these skirts around.

The finished skirt has a nice sway. With enough silk material leftover to sew a crop top. It was really difficult sewing this tulle as the glue builds up on the needle causing the thread to snap. The glitter effect is really subtle, what with all that tulle, you hardly notice it.

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