Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Textile Centre

Changing to a smaller wallet for my budget and purposes these days. There is a coin compartment in this Gucci.

Checking out Textile Centre @ 200 Jalan Sultan Road for sewing accessories and affordable fabrics. Surprised to find ready-made clothes and bags there too.

The big surprise for me are the sewing machine presser foots, most people think these footings come with the sewing machine at purchase. It's rarely sold on its own and here there is an entire rack full of footings from ruffle to non-slip. Other sewing machine parts like bobbin cases and needles are also available.

Great finds are the cute buttons sold in lots and spools of  pre-stuffed binding coz I am such a fan of binding and its soo expensive/rare to find.

Great bargains are the commercial thread ends sold by the kilo, $3.50 for a plastic bag full. Fabric @ $80/bale.

My haul: sewing machine footings, mermaid pearls, teal pre-stuffed binding and lamé that is absolutely not lame,

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