Friday, May 1, 2015

Simplicity - Cynthia Rowley Pattern 2178 - Dress C

Dress C also has a full length skirt, however, the design changes from toga to classic 2 shoulder straps. I realize from the front the shoulder straps look evenly centered. The design actually places the straps closer to each other at the back for smaller sizes, so it will stay nicely on your shoulder when you wear the dress but won't cover your bra straps.

Again, I chose to work with dip-dyed cotton fabric in a different colour. This ombre cotton fabric comes in panels that take up loads of fabric when you have to position the colour where you want it on the dress. This time, I will be placing the ombre stripes horizontally.

I like the plush bunchy look, very cloud-like especially when its in blue.

I think there are still many broken bits of sewing needles in the machine, as this fabric ripped at several spots. I sewed it over to cover up the ripped parts and now the dress is bunchy in places and even has an uneven waistband.

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