Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cartoon Merchandise Gifts

This year, I am gifting the little kids stuff from supermarkets. My bro has been asking me to change to food gifts the last couple of years and it is finally setting in. So I bought all the cute cartoon merchandise I could find to fill up gift bags for their birthdays.

Starting with these kids shower gels & shampoos. There are tons of cartoons to choose from, I only bought these based on scents. Hot Wheels, Monster High, Captain America and Iron Man. Buy from Beauty language, 2 for $20 or $10.

Sanrio and Disney Snacks from Cheers, priced between $2 to $5. It's not just the packaging and fun stuff to do on the back of the box, The biscuits are really yummy, the chocolate is marshmellowy and strawberry is creamy.

All the stuff I could find at FairPrice. There are Japanese flavour packets for rice, lemon tea that tastes very clean & fresh, wet wipes and tissue paper.

Cartoon Pasta from Cold Storage, the kids really love these. I think each colour is a different flavour as well.

More perishables from the supermarket, Dutch Lady milk and Sun Moon cut fruit packages. Topped up the bags with toothbrushes and toothpastes from Watsons/Guardian.

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