Friday, March 6, 2015

Gift Bags

I am not one for gift wrapping, unless its Christmas and the stores have it readily available in the season's signature looks. I usually buy something from the store, remove the price tag and hand the entire paper bag over to its recipient. It's sincere and unpretentious that doesn't scream I am trying too hard.

I have been shopping around for custom gift packaging for my handmade knits for a while now, since I saw Bakerella's post back in 2013. I can confirm that nobody makes these for you unless you are a celebrity or brand.

A really sweet alternative is Daiso. $2 for gift bag, $2 for giftwrap tissue, $2 for stickers, $2 for card. Total $8 per gift, that may seem like quite a bit until you realize supermarkets & craft stores charge at least double that.

H&M also sells gift boxes in packs of 4 @ $9.90. It's a tight squeeze for clothing items but just nice for accessories.

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