Wednesday, March 4, 2015

$50 Valore Voucher

I won a $50 Valore voucher from Coca-Cola. Valore is a Challenger house brand that makes IT accessories like power banks, earphones, speakers etc. You need to buy a $30 Challenger membership that's good for 2 years in order to qualify for the ValuClub prices on its goods that can go up to 70%.

Today I was split between a Valore noise cancellation bluetooth headset and a Valore powerbank + Torchlight. There were soo many accessories I wanted like the snail speakers for phones with no intercom, calculators and even travel plugs in candy colours.

 In the end, the power bank won. I also got this pink hp stand to prop up my phone with that is totally useless as it doesn't stick to anything and keeps popping off.

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