Thursday, February 26, 2015

Escada Spring/Summer 2015

Spring/Summer pre-showing was just basic black and white that looked very much like work clothes. However, the actual collection is a lot softer and even colourful. I guess it was sooner or later that escada jumped in with a translucent knit material made into tops. It is a departure from its usual conservative & structured style.

 Just look at this evening gown, such a timeless classic.

Over in Escada Resort 2015, formal evening gowns are still de riguer.

The sexy use of gold is apparent.

Then signs of design in an updated paisley pattern on its clothes. The style is very work oriented, you know, jackets, knee-length dresses, pants. Who do you know wears Escada to work? I've seen ladies who lunch wear these out to socialize.

Over in Escada Sport Resort 2015, the clothes look more reasonable and familiar to what people actually wear everyday.

There are gemstones/chains print on the clothes this season.

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