Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Citigems Voucher

These 2 x $5 Citigems voucher come in ZA's special edition Beauty in Bloom sets. There was a contest last year that might have ended already. So anyways, there isn't an expiry date on these vouchers that are found in the box, however, the SAs @ Citigems didn't recognize the vouchers and spent 15mins confirming with head office before honoring the voucher values. Such a waste of time and really quite embarrassing.

I really love those pearls made into tiny dolls, my friend has one that is too cute! Is it too childish if I get one too? Eventually I bought what I think the recipients would actually wear. The sales assistants wrap it all up for you whether or not it is a gift, prettily packaged.

Looks something like this, there are several designs to choose from and the store I bought it from only had 1 on that day, an angel holding a star.

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