Friday, January 9, 2015

Simplicity Paper Patterns

Back in grandma's time, women didn't buy dresses from stores. Instead, they bought paper patterns from the many different paper pattern manufacturers like Simplicity and sewed their own clothes. Today, you can still buy paper patterns. However, most people buy it to make costumes for Halloween or school plays.

Spotlight was having this sale on Simplicity patterns and I bought a whole bunch, actually just 15 sets. Each set can make 2 to 4 items and retails between $20 to $30. What would have originally cost me $375, only cost me $27. To be honest, the deal was soo good I wanted to buy up everything. 

I chose designs from Cynthia Rowley, Jessica McClintock, Leanne Marshall, Amazing Fit (plus size) and a tulle skirt pattern for adults. I'll be using all old fabric left behind by my grandma and previous sewing projects, except for the tulle that is really gonna cost me. I need 60 yards of tulle @ $10 a metre will make my skirt worth a fortune.

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