Friday, January 2, 2015

Goddess of Mercy Cross Stitch

Just before the new year began, I finally finished this cross-stitch of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. Meant for the alter or hearth of the home. 

I first saw this design while holidaying in China and thought it was really pretty. It uses metallic floss for the border that is fairly unusual. I have never worked with metallic floss before and it is quite finicky. Thankfully the kit came with enough to complete this without a hitch. 

This is slightly smaller than my previous piece, measuring 58cm x 92cm. I used an Ikea frame that fit perfectly so I saved on professional framing costs.

Can you believe this was 2 years in the making! I took some time out from this project to work at my Bro's place and complete some knitting, so actual time spent on this was about 9 months or so.

There are 36 colours including metallic floss and 7 long-stitch colours. I couldn't be bothered to colour mix as instructed and just used metallic floss for those parts as well.

On hindsight, that border is quite unnecessary, it took me an hour to adjust the canvas for framing.

Still, the final product makes everything worth it!

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