Friday, January 30, 2015

New Year, New Clothes!

I went out with the intention of getting that Marks&Spencer shirt dress in all colours for CNY and as luck would have it, only the wrong sizes were available. Still, I did manage to find some other clothes to buy.

2 stretchy & sparkly tube dresses from Dorothy Perkins, R.P $46.90 on sale for $19 each!

2 Gap Fit sports tank tops, R.P $35 on sale for $22.05 each!

3 Gap T-shirts R.P. $40 on sale for $25.20 each!

Gap makes the most comfy Tees ever so these are great for everyday wear. On top of that, GAP gave me a $10 voucher to use on my next visit.

Over at H&M I bought some neon hair ties for $2.90, a new keychain for L $2.90 and gift boxes $9.90.

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