Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stocking Hangers

My stocking hangers arrived in these life-sized boxes, excessive packaging to the max as it had my family worried.

My friend was trying to explain to me wreath hangers are impossible to find here, so she improvised with coat hangers or wardrobe valets. It's true, these things are quite difficult to find here so I shopped Neiman Marcus online (free shipping to Singapore with minimum purchase) and got these muscial-themed Stocking Hangers to create that storybook Christmas in Singapore, I even got extra sets in gold tone finial for that same friend. I bet she'll be thrilled.

Mademoiselle towels for the holiday season. I am soo in love with these!!! 
(with compliments from Neiman Marcus, I can't believe the customer service I am getting)

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