Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Baking

Nowhere to squeeze it in earlier so here it is. I did some baking before Christmas, my sis bought kits for the kids as usual and I decided to join in by buying 1 kit for myself as well.

But, first I need to make gingerbread trees. I bought this cookie cutter set last year and didn't get around to baking so I really had to do it this year.

It's simple enough with cardamon and ginger the spices of choice this time around. Freeze cookie dough for half an hour then roll out for cutting.

Stack the different sizes into a tree and hold in place with royal icing. I gave out these cookie trees to the neighbors this year.

Now onto the melty snowman kit that uses a sugar vanilla cookie dough. Same cooking time and temperature as the gingerbread cookies.

 My 4 year old mixer shorted out with smoke coming out from its sides mixing this final batch (luckily for me it was the last batch). So I guess I won't be doing much baking for a while.

The kit is comprehensive and yummy, however, the icing provided isn't enough. I had to whip up more royal icing to complete the cookies.

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