Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sewing Christmas Stockings

Christmas crafts to get everyone into the holiday swing.

There was this 1 particular Spotlight fabric panel that was printed incorrectly with all the stockings facing in one direction only. I didn't notice it at the store and when I got home there wasn't enough fabric to sew it up properly. So this year, when Spotlight put out the Christmas items in September (soo early!) I bought more fabric in a pretty gold-lined mistletoe pattern (Elizabeth Brown Designs Woodland Splendor) to complete it.

I got 4 decent sized Christmas Stockings, 4 petite-sized Christmas Stockings, 8 charms that I used fabric stiffener and glue on and a couple more Christmas charms that would look great on a quilt (that I will hopefully get to in the future).

The perfect complements to those Neiman Marcus stocking hangers.

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