Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alternate Investment Properties

Investing in property need not only be residential in nature. Other types of properties to invest in include office spaces, warehouse spaces and even retail spaces. Not sure about carpark spaces sold overseas as we don't quite have that in Singapore. Here are some options under a million.

Prestige Point in Upper Paya Lebar road is a new mixed development with 15 residential units and 12 commercial units for sale. Ground floor retail shops are for rent only. You can buy a 172 sq ft (16 sq m) retail space for $172,000. Best part is it's freehold, TOP 2016. For reference, the pic below is 172 sq ft.

Northstar @ AngMoKio is a commercial building that has office spaces for sale. $369,000 will get you a 506 sq ft (47 sq m) office with it's own toilet and balcony (for smoking breaks). It is in a HDB estate with banks, foodcourt, childcare nearby. It is easily accessed from major highways and provides parking space for staff. 24hr security and separate lift lobbies for goods and guests. Only drawback is the 60 year leasehold. Available immediately.

EcoTech @ Sunview has warehouse spaces for sale, TOP 2015. Building space is slated for light industrial as well, so more opportunities to use/rent. $574,000 for 2605 sq ft (242sq m). It has parking spaces, a canteen, swimming pool, tennis court, gym, outdoor lounge areas. 30 year leasehold.

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