Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Polar Sport Watch

My parents enrolled me in NUHS weight management clinic that has dietitians, doctors, physiotherapists and even runs beginner exercise classes. It also sells these Polar Sport Watches, that are really more advanced than anything sold a decade ago. So now I am back to counting calories by keeping a food journal. 

Mine is this pink FT4 for cross-training. It monitors heart rate (to check if you are in the fat burning zone), calories burned, exercise duration and log. All this in addition to being a watch that tells date and time.

Polar sells a range of sport watches to suit your lifestyle and fitness goals. Pedometers, GPS, altitude, cycling speed and distance, swimming and even coaching program.

There is a phone app you can download to sync with monitor/watch. A group coaching app you can download on Ipad to monitor your team's training progress. In-app purchases allow for more functions.

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