Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion

Ralph Lauren starts the season with crisp black & white, emphasis on white (that we all love for that freshness). It has that retro boardroom look with pageboy caps and fat ties in clean straight lines.

Evening wear moves from b&w to monochrome neons. Has anyone done neon gowns before? Absolutely love it, you know, because women like colour, especially vivacious colours and its made into pretty gowns with ruffles.

Resort 2014 is all prima ballerina with pinks and blacks in leotard inspired outfits.

Ralph Lauren menswear for Spring/Summer 2014 is a caricature of American menswear to-date, it doesn't get more classic than this.

High School...College...First Job/Apartment...Married with Kids...Oldie

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