Sunday, June 2, 2013

Matching Yarn

Previously, I mentioned running out of yarn halfway through my craft project and it happened again. It's hard to find the same thing or colour again, but sometimes you can substitute with something similar. Like my Moda Vera Aurelia Mesh that I substituted with Moda Vera Bellevue, it doesn't have the sparkly thread and is 2mm thinner in width.

Here we have Moda Vera Manhatten 70% Wool & 30% Bamboo that matches in yarn size, colour and lustre with Moda Vera Chantilly 70% Acrylic & 30% Milk Protein. You really can't tell the difference just by looking at it.


  1. I have bought some Moda Vera Bellevue. Not sure how to start off.

    1. My mesh yarn series starts 2 August, 2 weeks from now. Please check in then, I have 7 mesh yarn projects planned.


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