Sunday, June 16, 2013

Black Pearl Luxury Yarn

Earlier this year, Yarn Sisters launched their Pearl yarns of 50% pearl and 50% tencel, using a new technology to fuse pearl powder into strands of silky yarn permanently. Production was limited to 500 skeins and each roll of yarn comes wrapped in a black jewelry case. Priced at just USD$40 a skein, it quickly sold out as I would expect coz I know I want some.

So here is the good news, Yarn Sisters has launched a Black Pearl line of pearl infused luxury yarn in the same 50% pearl and 50% tencel combination. But, in lighter weights of 2ply and 3ply instead. Perfect for crochet but a little too thin for knitting.

Knitters love working with unusual or rare yarns and this is definitely an item on their to do list. Personally, I am not a fan of Alaskan Qiviut and don't think I want to shell out the money for Vicuna yarns that come only in its natural brown colour.

The Black Pearl series is available in solid colours and in this lovely multi-colour called tahitian to replicate the colours on a tahitian pearl shell.

Beautiful yarn like this deserves a lovely pattern, maybe a lace scarf like this? Weave in some real pearls to make it a real heirloom. Buy online from String and Colorful Stitches, international shipping costs as much as a skein of this stuff.

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