Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Butcher's Block

There is something so homestead in a butcher's block, rustic kitchens usually have a big butcher's block on top of an island or central table. It's essentially a chopping mat and parts of it will get worn down over time, a testament to all the home-cooked meals in that kitchen.

I notice butcher blocks are sold nowadays with wood parquetry patterns that make it soo appealing and often used in food presentation. I guess it's a matter of time before we see the yosegi-zaiku version being sold.

Sometimes, there are hidden compartments to store utensils, knife and so on. So you are not scrambling all over the place looking for your tools.

If you are stuck on what to get for Father's Day, it is not too late to make something for dad just yet. Look at these adorable animal shape butcher blocks.

Or even monogrammed versions with recessed sections to catch the meat juice so it doesn't run all over. The design is functional. 

Something simpler but still pretty is inscribing on a piece of wood with an engraver, in this case a pizza block.

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