Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mandarin Court Restaurant

Mandarin Court Restaurant is located on the 35th floor of Meritus Mandarin. The entryway looks quite grand but the corridor is actually dimly lit and if you didn't know better, would think the restaurant is closed.

One flight of stairs down is the general dining hall that is compact and filled with diners lunching on dim sum. Mom and I were there to have beijing duck, her favourite dish. Each cut is a combination of crispy skin, juicy fat and succulent meat. We had the rest of the meat stir-fried in spring onions that we ended up taking home. 

Beijing duck is a wrap of sorts; thin layer of pastry, dash of sauce, spring onion stalk, cucumber sticks and a piece of the 3 layer duck goes on. Such a simple combination but oh so delicious and positively addictive.

We ordered dim sum too, good stuff at reasonable prices at $5 plus a basket.

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