Friday, February 3, 2012

Leftover Candle Wax

Do you save or throw away your leftover candle wax? If there's alot leftover like below, I combine all of it into giant jar candles. With extra fragrance oils of course, I just love burning fragrance candles.

It's real easy but a little messy. Chop up the candlewax, microwave for 5 mins, add fragrance oils and pour into container.

These are the biggest glass containers I can find in my kitchen, a former cookie jar and a glass container with missing lid. Perfect candidates for my domestic project.

To setup the wick you can use any rope type yarn, buy proper wicks online or rummage your neighbourhood religious incense store (Indian or Chinese) for materials.

Entire process took me about 3 hours, mainly waiting for the layers to cool down before pouring and cleaning the microwaveable containers so the colours don't mix.

Today, I made a 16oz watermelon candle and a 20oz ombre lantern candle.

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