Friday, February 10, 2012

Fire & Ice Candle


I was completely smitten with these sponge-like candles the first time I laid eyes on it. Tricky to make and tricky to burn. The many holes mean melted wax seeps down in an irregular manner and can set your table alight. Sometimes, the candle doesn't even light as not all parts of the wick are covered in wax.

Basically, its trial and error to make these candles just right. I had trouble getting the ice cubes the right size, removal from mould was difficult as it is structurally fragile and then fragrance oil started to leak from the many holes.

So finally, here are the instructions:
(1) Pour a little wax into the mould to create a base
(2) Position a tapered candle in the centre
(3) Surround tapered candle with ice cubes
(4) Fill mould with wax
(5) Let it stand for around 4 hours
(6) Unmould over a basin or sink as the melted ice will pour out
(7) Leave candle to dry before wrapping

Some tips that helped me with this process:
(1) Add not more than 1/20 part fragrance oils, the excess won't mix with the wax
(2) Freeze small sized ice cubes instead of smashing normal ice cubes
(3) Use tetra pack moulds that tear away are perfect, no need to push & pull
(4) Ensuring the candle has a flat base and top allows for easier handling

My 4 oz Fire & Ice Candle! After a few false starts, it is done.

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