Monday, March 7, 2011

Lush Sample Soap

I got a whole bunch of soap samples from Lush recently and really, you can't do much with soap ends. So I combined all into 1 super sample bar. Not all ready made soap can be melted down like mp soap. Instead, I melted some mp soap to combine the little bits together in a tofu container (eco-friendly tip).

The result was a colourful 250gm bar that had individual look and fragrances intact so you can sample each of Lush's soaps when you use this.

I also made army themed soap bars with wintergreen translucent mp soap and chopped up bits of chlorophyll soap (soo strange right?). I think the bars are really adorable as it took on the little recyclable symbols and ridged sides from the tofu container. It will take you 2 or 3 months to use up these bars.

Leftover mp soap went into the tofu container as well. Next weekend, I am going to show how to make a loofah soap.

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