Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lush in Singapore

Since Lush moved out of Singapore, I had to resort to the occasional holiday abroad to obtain it's handmade toiletries. Not anymore, now that I have found a shop that carries Lush pre-packaged items conveniently tagged with expiration date, country of origin and staffer who made it. So you get international variety at your doorstep, well at least just a cab ride away.

I got giddy and spent almost $200 on their bath bombs (made in Japan), Sonic Death Monkey body wash (made in Australia), Too Drunk...emotibombs (made in HK), a slice of Porridge soap and a Celebrate pack for my nephew's impending birthday. They even give free samples like the real store.

Loving the emotibombs! It's my first time using it and I recommend it to everyone. Not common for someone to have a spa bathtub, but, everyone has a shower at home. A great pick-me-up for that hangover or flu.

Buy from Summerloft at Holland Road Shopping Centre #02-05

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