Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

The bubbly booze this year is Laurent-Perrier, I've never tried this one before. It's light and frothy so much so we practically drank the whole bottle in an instant. 

My sis brought parma ham with melons...hhmm!

I made watermelon men topped with pan fried hungarian foie gras, goat cheese, balsamic vinigar and black pepper. Everyone said it was yummy and I agree! 

Stuffed pita pockets. Ok, I had trouble making a hole in the wholemeal pita bread, so I threw the toppings on top like pizza. Lots of that lovely french cheese from Christmas to form the base, chopped basil & marjoram mixed with ground pork to form the stuffing. It really tastes more like chinese chopped meat patty than pizza. But, still delicious!

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