Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Combi Oven

It's time to say goodbye to my 20 year old microwave cum steam oven as it's starting to heat unevenly and the glass plate is broken. I had to get another combi microwave oven again as it's soo handy. Who uses a regular plain oven or microwave anymore?

The hottest model in the market right now is this Panasonic 30 litre Awasewaza that can do it all - microwave, bake, grill, steam. All this for $1,500! Much cheaper than my dream 70 litre Ariston oven.

Realistically, I got a Samsung Trio 30l microwave oven that also does it all, but, with specialized equipment. It's even self-cleaning. For the down-to-earth price of $479, add $50 for a 5 year warranty.

Best Denki gave me a free Moulinex blender/grinder even though it's not advertised anywhere (*ok, it's advertised on the Samsung website).

Here's my new kitchen toy cleaning itself.

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