Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Autumn / Winter 2010 Jewellery

Inspired by the Indian jewellery exhibit at the museum and the Soccer World Cup in Africa, I have created a heavily influenced collection. Can you see it?

This necklace is called "Africa" as it's made of gemstones only found on that continent. Bright green Zoisite and blue Iolites.

"China" Chandelier earrings with rich reddish brown garnets and sumptious black onyxs. The overall outline looks like traditional Chinese court ornaments.

"Bollywood" bracelet uses vibrant colours for a dramatic contrast. Purple Amethysts and orange Carnelians. This massive bracelet moves as you do.

Measuring just over 1 inch, this discreet pair of chandelier earrings are arranged in sunny yellow Citrines and green Peridots.

Deep luscious purple Amethysts used in an unpretentious, relaxed manner through cabouchon cut gemstones in various sizes. The serrated gold beads add a slight ethnic twist. I think "Maldives" is appropriate for this luxurious yet informal piece?

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