Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beauty Credit Review

I finally have a chance to sample several lines from Beauty Credit due to a recent shopping trip and generous samples from the Beauty Credit staff.

Previously, I wrote about the most expensive shampoo - Somang Danahan. Now, I have the opportunity to review the affiliated skincare and makeup products that are also made with deer antler velvet and red ginseng. The range Danahan Gowoonbit consists of makeup base, foundation, pressed powder compact and a wrinkle cream. This range has beneficial effects for the skin while providing coverage, a dual benefit that mineral makeup recommended by dermatologists (e.g. Glomineral) also offers. The difference is the Asian recipe here has a 5 colour base that whitens and brightens the skin. The green base powder helps reduce redness in the skin to aid in this whitening effect. This 5 colour effect is not new as Guerlain also provides separated colours in their meteorites compact & loose powder range. Priced at $129 for 50ml of foundation and 10ml correcting base, it's in the same price point as Glominerals and Guerlain. Available only in neutral (21) or beige (23) tones.
* Update 5 Sept 2012: Prices are based on retail in Singapore. Glomineral is cheaper by up to 50% online. The new Guerlain foundations are more expensive, but, you can still get discounts from

Their flagship product is the coenzyme Q-10 range of face, body and haircare products. I tried their Q-10 facial before that has a pretty good peel. Thereafter, your skin is shiny and smooth like a newborn's, an albeit lesser but similar aftereffect as a dermatologist administered chemical peel. Coenzyme Q-10 is a fairly common ingredient used in face creams. What's unusual is Beauty Credit also has a haircare range. For those not in the know, coenzyme Q-10 is also proven to help restore aging hair and assisting those above 40 acheive lush locks once more. No, it will not help you grow back any lost hair. I tried their Vita Q10 Plus hair serum, 15 golden liquid vials for $129, each 13ml vial has enough for 2 treatments. Works as good as any in-salon hair treatment and I am not 40 yet =)

Beauty Credit stores primarily carry affordable ranges of fruit, honey, grains and sole ingredient (e.g. Keratin) skincare (10 face masks for $30), bodycare (500ml for $30) and makeup ($30 for a compact) that will appeal to teens and young adults. Don't let the Korean film star endorsements fool you just yet. My favourites are the uniquely Asian recipes for facial masks and scrubs (8 grains, germinated brown rice, ground pumpkin, honey & black sugar, bamboo salt mud) that are great for gifts or personal use.

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