Monday, May 31, 2010

Food Dressing

Watching the Wedding Channel has inspired me to search for more bling in my food. I remember the little sugar pearls and edible crystals I used in my home economics classes, and am almost certain the cooking/baking people would have created more refined and pretty things for us to consume.

The Japanese like to dress their cakes, sushi, sake with this gorgeous condiment. Not so sure what it adds flavour-wise. A little industry secret says you can buy real 24k gold flakes that are meant for consumption. Try for their gold and silver flakes as well as a variety of other blinged products like chocolate, tea, cigars and lollipops.

A more recent discovery is the gold or silver spray paint from an online store obviously targeted at guys: Spraying a fine mist of pure gold onto your foods to create a smooth & even coating sounds like a dream product for chefs. So much so their gold paint is already out of stock! Ah well, the site also stocks loads of other great ingredients like wrench shaped pasta or home-made vodka in a designer canteen.

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