Sunday, March 28, 2010

Replanting Giant Edamame

My first giant Edamame yield was a single fruit that I had left out too long before replanting. I wanted to see how big it would get before dying. Of the 6 seeds in the pod, only 2 plants grew. The original plant withered and died. The second batch was progressively better with each plant yielding 2 fruits.

This time around, I cut the fruits immediately when the first signs of drying appeared. Still green, these fruits had giant pink seeds! The pods had 9 and 10 seeds respectively. Can't wait to see how big the other 2 fruits get!

Replanting 19 seeds around 3 pots of established plants, I hope they are all able to grow into seedlings successfully. Being creepers, they need a core structure to wind themselves around. If I had a nice big garden I can plant them around the gates. Being of the fast growing variety, I would get my green wall very quickly.


  1. What is the Latin name for this plant? What is it used for? I occasionally see it growing in Korea. Thanks!

  2. Ah, it must be this:


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