Saturday, March 27, 2010

Most Expensive Shampoo

I have always thought the ultimate shampoo was Kerastase range of hair care products with their glamorous advertising. A 250ml bottle of shampoo costs $45, with matching conditioner it's around $100. The shampoos are very drying so daily conditioning and weekly masques are required for bouncy lush locks.

I am always excited to try something new, especially when it's a smaller label used by Hollywood stars. House brands of celebrity salons and boutique spas. Produced in smaller quantities, chokeful of vitamins, minerals and all the other nutrients required for a lustrous red carpet mane. My favourite is J Beverly Hills Platinum, $55 for 450ml. But, you have to get the matching conditioner for a silky soft finish that leaves you smelling like a mango smoothie. $130 for a set.

I think I found the most expensive shampoo ever when I accidentally chanced upon a $299 bottle of Somang Danahan Shampoo. At a mid-priced Korean brand, no less...Beauty Credit. Unbelievable right? Hop on down to any of their shops to witness it. A 730ml plastic pump bottle of this stuff costs $299. Of course they give you 200ml of their conditioner free with that. A full 500ml bottle of their conditioner costs $199. Yup, that's right. Created from a traditional Asian recipe including Red Ginseng and Deer Antler Velvet. For times when you want to live like ancient royalty. This is one shampoo I have yet to try so tell me what it's like if you have.

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