Saturday, March 13, 2010

Facial Mists

Now that it is starting to get hot, really hot, it's time to invest in a facial mister. All females know this is a must have. You can't splash water or use wet wipes when you are wearing make-up and just think of the damage to bare skin. I am currently using Dr PGA's oxygenated spray I got from my spa. Here's a line-up of my favourite options:

Shu Uemura's DeepSea water facial mists comes in 9 flavours at $36 for a 150ml bottle. Mineral rich nutrients for your face and a favourite of make-up artists as it apparently helps make-up stay on longer while refreshing your skin.

For newbies who are looking for basics, Evian Brumisateur is your cheapest bet at $10 for a 150ml bottle.

For the last word in self-indulgence, you can try Banyan Tree's Neroli mist at $23 for a 25ml bottle.

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