Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hainan Trip

Went on holiday sick and came back better. The miraculous wonders of a vacation. I spent most of the time in my hotel sleeping off the flu so I didn't really get to see or do much. I just remember there being lots and lots of coconut trees along the roads. Coconut candy, coconut water, coconut baked rice, coconut in my get the idea.

The weather is too cold now to enjoy this tropical beach locale fully. On the other hand, the lack of crowds allowed us to take a leisurely morning stroll at the volcanic crater park. The collapsed crater hole (see pic on the right) covered with neat rows of wild ferns.

What a charming little sea-side town. They sell small perfectly potted plants out of the back of their bicycles.

The famous wenchang chicken prepared for the hotpot. Nothing to rave about. I still think the Singaporean style Hainanese chicken rice wins hands down anyday. For one, it's boneless.

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