Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cortina Watch Sale

After the $7.9 million theft over Christmas, I guess they are not having this sale to drum up publicity. Great for cash rich consumers as the discounts are up to 70% discount on well known luxury brands. I was looking for a Chopard or Cartier, but all that was left were the limited editions or the diamond encrusted variety. At 50% discount, these watches fell into the $50,000 to $70,000 price range. That's what happens when you go on the 2nd last day of the sale. Rolex was sold out and Omega only had their multi-colour stone dials left.

These sales are interesting for first timers. Luxury watches are crammed side by side into glass cases with hordes of people squeezing in between to view them. It's a scene out of a night market. Yet, the veteran sales people from Cortina are on hand to speak in your native language and finger the watches with a velvet glove. I was finally left torn between a Baume & Mercier diamond watch (see pic on top right) and the Gucci gold bamboo watch (see pic on left). I adore the diamond encrusted watches...maybe next year or when I strike the lottery.

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  1. 1 more sale this coming Thursday 12 March 2009. Citibank cardholders get additional 5% discount.


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