Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trip to Desaru

Free vacation for me when my family plans one of these short weekend getaways. I went with my family to Desaru, a sleepy beach resort near Johor. Considering it was a beach vacation, I didn't get much sun except sitting in the car waiting to get past immigration. The problem when you get rooms with great views of the pool and beach, is that you never want to leave the air-conditioned comfort of the rooms. I brought my nephews for one stroll down the beach and that was it. We didn't even get into the pool.
While my brother and dad were busy with the triathlon, we made a trip to the fruit farm with the kids. A few plants and a few animals was good for whiling a couple of hours away. For dinner, we drove a little further out to a restaurant specializing in lobsters that came highly recommended by TV & magazine reviews. After breakfast, we made the journey back home. Luckily, the hotel serves a decent cup of coffee strong enough to keep you awake the whole day.

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