Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LV Travel notebook (Beijing)

In anticipation of my first real holiday in a long time, I bought the Beijing Travel notebook from LV filled with beautiful watercolour illustrations of the artist’s (Sun Chuan) impression of the Chinese city. A fuss-free alternative to scrap booking my holiday that doubles up as a collectible. I was lucky too as it was the last copy in the shop.

Taking a vacation to Beijing just before the Olympics means I can enjoy the comfort of stepped up cleanliness in anticipation of the Games. All without the crush of the Olympic crowds. I will let you know if that's really true when I get back from vacation. My mom needed some convincing to make this second trip to Beijing. It seems as though everyone has been there except for me. Therefore, I expect the Chinese Capital to be more tourist-friendly with better food, better lodging and more entertainment.

Beijing’s temperature today is 13 degrees celsius.

That means I need to go shopping for some vacation clothes.

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