Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Flower Arrangement

I am in the middle of my floral certification course (just finished a class today), at the end of which, I will receive a certificate endorsed by the WFC. Which qualifies me to work at a or as a florist. Not that I plan on quitting my day job soon or seek early retirement. However, knowing I have a marketable skill at the end of an expensive hobby gives me a sense of assurance that I am not wasting my hard-earned money frivolously. Alternatively, I could have just gotten a night job at a florist and have the government subsidize my hobby under the skills re-training program (just kidding).

In line with my new hobby, I have signed up for a new magazine subscription (hopefully it is in English. Otherwise, I can just look at the pretty pictures).

The flowers are put to good use decorating my workspace and home. There is just no substitute for the fresh, sweet smelling scent that fills the air like a natural air-freshener. I will be posting more pictures of arrangements as I make them.

Today’s arrangement is a bouquet of Irises, Eustomas, Gerberas and Hypericums.

Couple of lessons I learnt working with flowers:
1) Lilies are high-maintenance. The orangey-red pollen scatters itself everywhere; all the time, staining everything they fall on.
2) When working with roses, family members should always wear shoes or protective goggles (flying thorns).


  1. The flower arrangement look very ordinary but I guess it is the begining of your long course. May I wish you success.

  2. Flower arrangement sounds like a useful hobby-- at least you can make yourself happy just by looking/smelling your creations. :)


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