Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today, I received the proceeds from my ERS and decided to buy some Gold with it. What would be more appropriate in the first year of the new lunar cycle than the extremely limited edition and extremely collectible Chinese horoscope gold coins. This being the year of the rat (the first animal of the lunar cycle), it presents many opportunities for one to start a lunar constellation collection of any sort. I personally like to start a collection of gold coins this year (given gold’s intrinsic value). Other variations offered by a local bank include a selection of religious or art-inspired precious metal collectibles. For the investment-minded, there is the evergreen gold bullion produced by various countries and acceptable in place of currency (The kinebars are the prettiest).

Now, everyone knows gold is a good investment, and the free gifts that come with it are excellent for re-gifting. I plan on re-gifting the free gold-plated mouse to my mom for her birthday. I couldn’t have thought of a better present myself, as my mom is born in the year of the rat. Coincidentally, I met my aunt at the counter who helped me out with a staff discount ($9), paper bag to put my purchases in and a box of chocolates (coz she is my aunt). Thanks =)

Today’s Gold Spot Price is 909.85 (SGX website)

Helpful hint from the friendly counter staff: To avoid queuing, come in the mornings to buy gold. During mid-day, you will have to contend with the lunch-time crowd and most of the staff will be out for lunch.

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