Friday, May 18, 2018

Tamarind Curry Prawn

The classic Indian Tamarind Prawn Curry is like the usual way you should cook prawns in curry, its curry paste + chili powder + prawns + coconut milk and you add in tamarind paste.

The Malaysian Tamarind Prawn Curry on the other hand is sweeter and milder, more attuned to our taste buds. It also has a more complex list of ingredients including tomatoes, brinjals, onions, ginger, garlic, a hint of belacan and gula melaka. 

Here I substituted curry powder with chaat masala for variety coz curry gets boring after a while, everything is curry. I used Full Cream Evaporated Milk instead of coconut milk and this is my fave brand from Marigold, its also used at Han's Coffeehouse.

There is some prep work involved with dried belacan and gula melaka, you have to boil it in water to melt it down and keep the extra in tiny containers in the fridge, that's how the fridge gets filled up with stuff.

Pairing this meal with wholegrain bread as it contains less gluten than refined white flour. This heavier and denser bread also makes for a more substantial meal. I couldn't find the low G.I. low sugar wholemeal bread that is much closer to gluten-free.

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