Friday, May 25, 2018

Pad Thai @ home

I bought a huge block of tamarind paste and was just wondering how else to use it up when I was suddenly reminded that the classic Thai dish of Pad Thai actually uses tamarind paste and nam pla (Thai fish sauce) or rather prik nam pla (Thai fish sauce with Thai chilis and lime). 

Everyone including me loves Pad Thai, an unassuming dish of fried rice noodles that is soo addictive and satisfying. This time around I will be making Pad Thai Quinoa Bowl using the new tri-coloured gluten-free quinoa I recently purchased. 

Every component has to be prepared separately and then combined into this one dish meal. Cooking quinoa is the same as cooking rice, firm tofu has to be deep fried, vegetables assortment stir-fried in soy sauce & sesame oil, pad thai dressing whisked evenly.

The key difference between this Quinoa bowl and original Pad Thai is the dressing sauce, I mixed in peanut butter instead of using ground peanuts in this dish and created a smooth silky paste that was used to dress the quinoa in. Its sweet rather than spicy, although you can taste chilis in it. Also great served cold.

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