Friday, November 3, 2017

Qoo10 Auctions Haul

Qoo10 is kinda like Taobao and it even has an auction section that is not necessarily cheaper than the regular price. Explanations are vague and there are lots of pictures to go through. I feel like I am looking at a wholesale catalog, only I am ordering 1 item and only 1 item. I used to leave this site as my homepage coz everyday there are new products on sale and I look out for cartons of drinks or food items.

Pantene Shampoo, 3 for $20, free delivery. The retail price is about $10 each.

Can of Dry Shampoo $7.90, this is something new that the various haircare brands have come up with. No need for water, just spray onto the hair to get it clean. They should come up with something similar for body.

Wine Lip Tint in burgundy colour $3.90. You can find several novelty lip glosses on Qoo10 and this is one of them, it's about $15 for one and comes in wine themed colours.

Morinaga Cocoa powder, usually around $12, I paid $3.50.

Pom pom keychains, the new pompoms have preserved flowers inside. Not sure if that's for real, even on Qoo10 its $30 to $50 each.

Astrology water bottles. I wanted to get the whole set of star signs but for now its just Aquarius and Pisces. These bottles are made to be heat and cold resistant so you can drop it into a pot of boiling water or throw it in the freezer.

Rilakkuma Bourbon Torte tin of cookies, usually around $12, I paid $7.50. The tin comes nicely sealed in a box, really creamy cookies.

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