Friday, August 4, 2017

Getting into China

I've taken vacations in China before and never had to worry about it, it seems Singaporeans too require visas to enter China if planning to stay more than 15 days. Entry visas are also required for Hong Kong and Macao through a different application process. The visa application costs under $200 each and allow stays from 3 months (the most common) to 5 years.   

China doesn't recognize international driver licence and in addition to that, tourists are not allowed to drive vehicles. Foreigners with a valid residence visa (PR or Citizen) can apply for a China driving licence. If they already have a driver's licence in their home country, they just need to pass a theory test. As for right-hand drive or left-hand drive, it depends on the location you are in (state specific). 

To apply for PR in China you need to be directly related to a Chinese Resident/Citizen, make a minimum investment of USD $100,000 in China, have a job in China guaranteed by your company or have made an important contribution to the country. Previously, the temporary residence permit allowed over 60 year old retirees to purchase a landed home in China in order to get a residence permit. Not sure if that is still valid today.

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